Man charged with abduction, bomb threat

Derek Duane Stacy

A Winchester man was arrested Monday after holding a woman at knifepoint, according to a Winchester police news release.

Derek Duane Stacy, 29, has been charged with abduction, making a bomb threat and attempted malicious wounding.

Lauren Cummings, police community relations and crime prevention specialist, said that Stacy made the call to police at 1:34 a.m. Monday. Police arrived at an apartment building at the 500 block of Highland Avenue near Winchester. According to the release, the first officer on the scene was able to talk to Stacy, who “made a number of threats to harm the victim.”

Cummings noted that there were “other threats involved” in the incident, including a bomb threat. However, Cummings said that there was no bomb at the scene.

From the time the call was received, Cummings said, to when Stacy was detained at 2:28 a.m., there were a total of 20 officers involved.

“When the call was received, when police arrived and as time went on, it continued to escalate,” Cummings said.

The victim, according to the release, was a 30 year-old Winchester woman. “It was not a random occurrence, he did know her,” Cummings said.

The release also stated that Stacy’s threats continued to escalate before a second officer arrived. The officer then used an “electronic controlled device” — or a taser — to detain Stacy.

“Our officers really handled this situation very well … thankfully, they were able to react in a way to ensure the safety of everyone who was involved in the incident,” Cummings said.

Stacy was transported to Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center, where he is being held without bond.