Pet of the Week: Excitable Arai looking for a home where she can play

Arai is a friendly pitbull mix with lots of energy who loves to run and play. Max Thornberry/Daily

Arai, a 1- to 2-year-old pitbull mix, wants a family who will give her lots of attention.

“She just loves attention,” said Anthony Rozanski, a kennel attendant at the Warren County Humane Society. “She just wants someone to give her all their focus.”

Arai came to the shelter as a stray in mid-April. Because she came in off the street, her history is foggy, but Arai is up to date on her vaccinations and is friendly with people and most other dogs.

“When they come in as a stray, it’s hard to tell what kind of background they had. It’s possible she might have been abused,” Rozanski said. “She’s sensitive when you go to touch her rear end, so that’s why I just say just be kind of slow. But she is pretty gentle and she likes to play cause she’s got that energy.”

That energy and some nervousness around strangers means Arai probably wouldn’t be a good fit for a family with young children. But Rozanski said they would try her out in the play yard at the shelter to see if they got along.

Arai is still learning how to walk on a leash, but she can learn that easily, Rozanski said, because she is still so young. He is also willing to bet she knows some commands – when she wants to listen.

While Arai can be possessive of her toys, she isn’t aggressive about her food.

The most important thing to know about Arai is she has plenty of energy, but she is still gentle, Rozanski said. She needs a home where she has plenty of space to play.

“She can be mouthy in the kennel but once you get her out she’s just happy to be out,” Rozanski said. “[And] she can jump these fences here, so I recommend a fence 6 foot or higher.”

Arai’s adoption fee is $30

For more information on adopting Arai, call the Warren County Humane Society at 540-635-4734