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What would you change about sports?

I wrote a column today -- Jan. 6 -- on what I think are some of the injustices in the sports world, including the lack of a playoff system in college football, the silly overtime and seeding rules for the NFL postseason, and the strong-armed tactics of a college athletic department.

What do you, the Daily reader, think?

Is a playoff in college football a good idea? Should the NFL chance any of its set-up? Are there other items you'd like to see tweaked, such as Major League Baseball's use of the DH or NASCAR's 10-race Chase format?


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    Okay, if no one else will answer... Here goes.

    Yes, there needs to be a college playoff. In a perfect world it would be 16 teams with 11 automatic bids for the champions of each conference (yes, even the Sunbelt). Logic simply being that through conference play each conference has already determined who is the best team in the conference so why would any other team in the conference have a right to shoot for the National Championship, right???

    So why not just somehow stop at 11, or maybe 12? Well, there's a problem with ONLY inviting conference champions. It would render any out of conference games completely meaningless. Oh sure, USC vs. Ohio State might be fun to watch, but it would mean about as much and hold as much interest to the true sports fan as the NFL Pro-Bowl.

    This is why wild-cards are needed. It makes out of conference games meaningful by enabling teams to build a resume in case they don't win their conference.

    Yes, I realize that the Conference USA Champion probably would finish 10th in the SEC and have been in the school of thought that they don't deserve to make it into any playoff unless they have an extraordinary season, but that's where the thought of what a TRUE champion is comes into play for me....

    First - Win your conference and prove you're the best of that bunch, no matter how mediocre the conference may be.

    Then if the MAC Champion is as lacking as we all think they are, they will fall by the wayside in round 1 to the likes of a Texas, or a Florida. So what's the harm???

    One complaint I've heard from playoff detractors is that it "ruins the bowl games..". I always laugh when I hear this because I thought everyone was aware that in the current system only one bowl game really means anything... The bowl system could easily be incorporated into a playoff (In this case 15 games in my proposed playoff could be at current bowl sites).

    So what happens to the other 20 bowls??? Nothing really. They can stay as they are and keep having their game as usual. Is someone trying to tell me that the Music City Bowl somehow would lose it's "luster" if there were a playoff in college football? Last time I checked 0 - 0 still = 0 .... :)

    I would like to see someone write an in-depth feature story about J.J. Dorsey. Who is this kid and where does he come from? Dorsey has been one of the best athletes to ever come through this area, and now his career seems to sort of be in flux. I'd like someone to really get to the core of this kid and write about it. The Winchester area, in my opinion, has produced far too many talented athletes who never quite seem to make it big away from home, and for a variety of reasons. There is a long list, though I don't feel here is the place to put it. I think these are topics just waiting to be explored.

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