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FREDERICK COUNTY ESTHER BOYD ANIMAL SHELTER 161 Fort Collier Rd. Winchester, VA 22603 540-667-9192 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., 10-4 Wed., 10-6; Sat., 11-3 Closed Friday May 4 and Saturday may 5 for Apple Blossom. Open Sunday, May 6, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. ADOPTABLE DOGS: Pit Bull, neutered male, adult, black, “Black”; Shepherd mix, female, adult, black/brown/white, “Chloe”; Lab mix, female, adult, black, “Gin”; Lab mix, male, adult, black, “Smitty”; Hound mix, neutered male, adult, tri, “Teddy Bear”; Shepherd/Cattle Dog, female, adult, tri, “Jane”; Pit Bull mix, neutered male, adult, brown/white, “Tyson”; Chow/Shepherd, female, 4 months, black/tan, “Serena”; Lab, female, 7 months, black, “Baby Girl”; Lab, neutered male, 3 years, chocolate, “Duke”; Rottweiler, female, 2 years, black/tan, “Ava”; Pit Bull mix, male, adult, black/white, “Wilson”; Pit Bull mix, spayed female, 8 months, black/white, “Bella”; Pit Bull, male, 1 year, white/tan, “Romeo”; Pit Bull mix, neutered male, 3 years, black/white, “Kingston”; Beagle mix, neutered male, 1 year, tri, “Jimbo”; Lab/Rottweiler mix, neutered male, 1.5 years, tan, “Max”; Chihuahua mix, neutered male, adult, brindle, “Skippy”; Havanese, male, adult, white, “Toby”; Chihuahua, neutered male, adult, white, “Casper”; Schnauzer, spayed female, 10 years, salt/pepper, “”Ginger”. Owners of lost animals must call the shelter to file a lost report. This list does not represent all animals at the shelter. STRAY DOGS: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, male, adult, chocolate, April 25, Forrest Dr., red collar. Call the shelter if you are missing an animal. ADOPTABLE CATS: (DSH, domestic short hair; DMH, medium hair; DLH, long hair). MANY MORE CATS AND KITTENS AVAILABLE. DSH, neutered male, 7 years, black/white, “Shadow”; DSH, spayed female, 7 years, brown tabby, “Missy”; DSH, spayed female, 10 years, dilute tortie, “Bella”; DSH, spayed female, 2 years, black/white, “Bell”; DSH, neutered male, 3 years, black, “Boy”; DSH, spayed female, 4 years, black, “Punkin”; DSH, spayed female, 4 years, tortie, “Cassie”; DSH, spayed female, 4 years, black, “Spooky”; DSH, spayed female, 2.5 years, black, “Calisto”; DSH, spayed female, 2 years, brown tabby, “Leela”; DSH, spayed female, 1.5 years, gray tabby, “Angel”; DLH, spayed female, 7 years, dilute torti, “Smokey”; DSH, neutered male, 1 year, tabby/white, “Axel”; DLH, neutered male, 1 year, black/white, “Boo Boo”. STRAY CATS: SMALL ANIMALS FOR ADOPTION: OWNERS OF LOST PETS MUST CALL THE SHELTER. OWNERS SHOULD ALSO COME TO THE SHELTER TO LOOK FOR THEIR PETS. BRING PICTURES IF AVAILABLE. Canine Carnival May 12, Sherando Park, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Rabies Clinic May 19, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Follow us on Twitter fcshelter Look for the Frederick County Esther Boyd Animal Shelter on Face Book. SEE PICTURES:
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