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Sitting in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.. in an unbelievably secure case and under the tightest of guarded security is one of the largest diamonds in the world, the Hope Diamond. comments

One Sunday several years ago after we had moved to the valley full time, I was talking to a friend about something I had read in a newspaper. As I expressed my disbelief at what had been decided, he responded, "You don't understand, Roger. It's Shenandoah County. It's always been this way." comments

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Dear Unknown Driver: On Sept. 10, sometime between 8 and 10 p.m., you were driving northbound on Route 11 - Main Street - in Woodstock. You were right in front of our quaint, small town movie theatre in the heart of Shenandoah County. comments

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While visiting our home for the first time, a friend noticed the iMac sitting on a small desk in the corner of our very open living room. "That's an interesting spot for a computer. Is that temporary?" comments

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Our eastern forests are very different today then they were 300 years ago. Not only are there fewer acres, but their composition is different as well. comments

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The cool weather this week encourages many activities. Unlike the hot and humid conditions of last week, these past days invite us to get out and do that delayed yard work and to get needed exercise. comments

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Subaru's Outback is a best-selling five-passenger wagon that gets a little bigger for 2015, improving gas mileage, adding some horsepower and expanding already generous seating and cargo space. comments

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Amid the continuing controversy in Ferguson, Missouri, people sometimes wonder if the Bible has anything to say about racism. Actually, it says much about this issue that could provide a healing balm for our society, which is sick with its toxic effects. Right thinking leads to right living and wrong thinking leads to wrong living. What we know and believe are critical to how we act. comments

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During the last eight years in the country, Mary Ann and I have learned a whole new way of living. While our small holding is not a large farm, we have four acres to mow, and we attempt to stay on top of three more wooded acres. Red Hill is certainly more country than the acre lot and house in Hollin Hills where we lived before moving here full time. comments

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Our granddaughter, a rising sophomore in a Fairfax County high school, is unable to read the recipe book of her great-grandmother. No, she is not a student with special needs; she is, in fact, a good student who is taking some advanced courses. She can't, however, read or write cursive. comments

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Americans once had an appetite for sentimental, some would say "sticky-sweet" stories, ones filled with human interest, which "tugged at the heartstrings." Hollywood and the media were filled with them. Remember "Lassie," "Ozzie and Harriet" and the "Reader's Digest," and how easily little Margaret O'Brien could turn on the waterworks? comments

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Genesis means beginning and Hyundai's 2015 sedan by that name creates a new plateau of safety and comfort features for an affordable, mid-size sedan that keeps its price competitive fwhile seeking to exceed buyer expectations. comments

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Don't you just love commas? The little periods with tiny tails give great meter and rhythm to writing. They can do the same for speaking -- acting as a breath, the pause or that pivot from one audience member to another. comments

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This past weekend Mary Ann and I were in my hometown to visit my elderly mother, and I was to give a short speech for my high school wrestling coach who, unknown to him, was receiving North Carolina's highest civilian award: The Order of the Long-Leaf Pine. comments

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Fiat returned to the United States market in 2011 and has seen only minor changes since then. The spiffy base Fiat 500 hatchback remains mostly the same for 2014 (the passenger seat gets extra headroom.) comments

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As the ancients well knew, comedy has the power to transform what is grave and unfortunate into something light, even ridiculous. Humor! What a device it is in the tool box of a clever diplomat. The best example I ever saw took place in Cold War Prague, back in '75 or '76. comments

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The all-new 2014 Range Rover Sport has a satisfying exhaust growl from the starting line that adds on-road sport panache to a vehicle that has the off-road DNA every Range Rover possesses. comments

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