Guest Columns

George Bowers Sr.: Let us yield ourselves to shaping work of perfect sculptor

George Bowers Sr.

February 5, 2016

February is quite a historical month for our country. Not only is it Black History Month, but it is also when we celebrate the birthdays of two of our nation’s preeminent presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. William Henry Harrison and Ronald Wilson Reagan were also February babies, although their births are not commemorated with a national holiday. At least not yet.

Tom Crosby: 2016 Range Rover continues to be off-road master

Tom Crosby

February 3, 2016

Range Rover owners worried least about driving on ice-slicked, snow-covered roads during the recent record-setting Northeastern blizzard. Arguably the world’s best premium sport utility vehicle, our 2016 five-seater Range Rover HSE test-drive once again showed that while the price of ownership is steep, the reward is exceptional capability to handle on-road or off-road challenges.

Kathleen Parker: Oh, Donnie boy

Kathleen Parker

February 2, 2016

WASHINGTON – If you ask Donald Trump fans why they like him, there’s an excellent chance they’ll say, “Because he’s not politically correct.”

George Bowers Sr.: Getting ready for the storm

George Bowers Sr.

January 30, 2016

Last week our valley got one of the biggest snowstorms we’ve seen in a while. Since then, most of us have dug out and resumed normal lives and schedules. In fact, those few days of being snowed-in allowed many to enjoy a much needed break or to catch up on some things around the house.

Tom Crosby: Dodge Charger remains iconic muscle car for 2016

Tom Crosby

January 25, 2016

Although it didn’t start out as a high-powered car when Dodge first introduced the Charger more than 50 years ago, it has morphed into an iconic muscle car for civilians and a modified police cruiser for law enforcement.

George Bowers Sr.: Love covers our garbage, like snow

George Bowers Sr.

January 22, 2016

We finally have the first snowfall of the season! And if the forecasters are right, Old Man Winter is certainly making up for lost time by delivering a whopping 1-2 feet of the white stuff before it’s all over. While I can appreciate a few beautiful inches, I can easily do without an entire trainload. At any rate, we’ll take what we get and make the best snow cream out of it.

George Bowers Sr.: Even cats can teach us something

George Bowers Sr.

January 15, 2016

Much to my displeasure, my wife has two cats. Princess and Kasha are from the same litter but are as different as night and day. Princess is thin, wary, and distant while Kasha is very friendly, obese, and stupid. I’m not a cat person, but because I love my wife, I tolerate her felines. (And because she loves me, she tolerates my snakes.) I think even cat lovers, however, will understand this tongue in cheek reflection.

Richard Hoover: Uncovering the ‘soul’ of an engraving

Richard W. Hoover

January 12, 2016

Here’s a faded, badly kept engraving, dated 1782, by the great English engraver Valentine Green, after Joshua Reynolds’ oil portrait of Lady Charlotte Hill Talbot. It fairly broadcasts not only the classical traditions which governed the day, but English women’s frustrations, aspirations and hopes.

Peter Brookes: Hungry for huns in North Dakota

Peter Brookes

January 6, 2016

Despite my hearing being hampered by 30 mile per hour winds gusting down the North Dakota prarie and a set of squishy foam ear plugs, I could sense a bunch of hooting and hollering from the rest of my bird hunting party off to the left.

Tom Crosby: Toyota upgrades mid-size Tacoma pickup truck for 2016

Tom Crosby

January 6, 2016

Toyota may be best known for its sedans – the Camry is a perennial international best seller – but the Japanese company also makes a one of the most highly popular pickup trucks, the mid-size Tacoma, the best seller in its class for the past decade.

Jason Wright: Letter to Mary, mother of Jesus

Jason Wright

January 1, 2016

I can’t explain it, but I’ve been thinking a lot about Mary this holiday season. So recently I set aside my other projects to write her a letter of both appreciation and apology. I think it has, in some small way, rekindled my gratitude for her divine role.