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George A. Bowers Sr.: Snowy wonder points to our great creator

By George A. Bowers, Sr.

As I write this article, the valley is freshly coated with a new fluffy blanket of white. And aside from the inconvenience it causes to motorists, it is an amazing gift from God. Not only is it beautiful to the eye, but it recharges our water tables and aquifers, provides nitrogen to the soil and insulation to the ground, and it is a free fun medium for a multitude of winter sports.

I know there are many who attribute such amazing beauty to random chance, but humans have yet to devise a method whereby we can desalinate billions of tons of moisture from the ocean, transport it over great distances through thin air, and deposit it evenly over thousands of square miles. The energy alone for such a feat would be impossible to produce.

Everywhere we look, we see God's incredible engineering. From a tiny ant that can carry 35 times its own weight, to a fish with a light on its head, to a polar bear that can give birth while asleep. Scientists have now catalogued 1.3 million species of animals and the number continues to grow as new discoveries are made. Each specie is unique and amazingly designed.

Evolutionary biologist and renowned atheist Richard Dawkins has said, "Biology is the study of complicated things that give the appearance of being designed for a purpose." And Francis Crick, who won a Nobel Prize for his co-discovery of DNA, also recognized how incredibly complex and remarkable our natural world is. He said once, "Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but evolved."

How can the obvious truth be so easily seen and yet so aggressively rejected?

Because of scientific discoveries of ever more intricate organization and complexity, evolutionists are forced to continually lengthen the time they claim it took for the process of evolution to produce what we have. Not long ago, they doubled the age of the universe from 7.5 to 15 billion years in one fell swoop. That's a pretty serious adjustment and I definitely don't want them doing my taxes. Yet we trust them to tell us where we came from and how we got here.

The inescapable truth is that this snow, these animals, those mountains, and we humans have all been incredibly designed and created by an infinitely intelligent God who loves to give wonderful gifts to his children. How it must grieve him when we give Mother Nature or evolution the credit for his handiwork and claim it all just "happened" randomly. Imagine how'd you feel if you'd spent months making a beautiful quilt as a gift for your daughter who, when you presented it to her, said it magically developed from nothing over many years.

God's greatest and most beautiful gift to us is his son whom we also rejected and killed. Thankfully, he overcame death and offers to us the gifts of forgiveness, peace, and resurrection. Best of all, his sacrificial death can cleanse sin-stained human hearts whiter than the snow outside. Let's recognize our creator and worship and praise him for his creativity and intelligence. And let's receive the greatest gift, his son Jesus.

Enjoying the snow, George

George Bowers Sr. is the pastor of Antioch Church of the Brethren in Woodstock and the author of four books, including his latest book of poetry, "Wit and Wisdom of the Woods." He can be reached at gabowers@shentel.net.

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