Guest Columns

George Bowers Sr.: We still need to pray for America

April 28, 2017

The first Thursday of every May has been designated as America’s National Day of Prayer. Although we should pray every day, this special time is set aside for Christians to join together to pray for our nation, our citizens, and our leaders. The U.S. has and continues to enjoy many special blessings and it is important to pause regularly and thank the one responsible.

George Bowers Sr.: The resurrection deserves celebration!

April 14, 2017

Sunday marks the observance of the greatest miracle in human history. The resurrection of a human being who had been dead for three days was unprecedented until it occurred just outside Jerusalem in the first century. There have been reports of miraculous healings, incredible weather changes, sudden provisions, military turnarounds, and many others, but in none of those instances did a dead person live again.

Jason Wright: A man with remarkable vision

April 14, 2017

I’ve been taught that true disciples of Jesus Christ develop the gift of seeing others the way the Lord sees them. It takes humility, compassion, grace, practice and remarkable vision.

George Bowers Sr. : Fooling ourselves about God

March 31, 2017

“Your shoestring’s untied!” “Your shirt’s unbuttoned.” “There’s a fly in your soup.” You are likely to hear any of these on the first day of April as early risers seek to dupe those who fail to remember the Day of the Fool. Although practical jokers and pranksters have been around as long as humans, according to Wikipedia, April Fool’s Day didn’t become widely popular until the 1800s.

George Bowers Sr.: What Goldilocks can teach us

March 24, 2017

Most of us are familiar with the story of Goldilocks. This precious little girl went for an unsupervised walk in the woods and happened upon the home of three absentee bears. After sampling their porridge, she gobbled up the portion belonging to the baby bear because it was just right. His little chair also afforded her just the right amount of comfort, but sadly, it broke under her weight. When the bruins returned and discovered their forest sanctuary had been violated, they were none too happy to discover the young lady still sleeping in the baby bear’s bed, which had just the right amount of coziness. Thankfully she escaped harm by running away before they could consume her.

Jason Wright: A lovely problem to have

March 17, 2017

Some of you have noticed over the last few months, my columns went from weekly to not-so-much. Loyal readers have stopped me in Walmart, Sheetz and at church on Sundays to ask about the drought. (Hi Marilyn!) I’ve been asked if my laptop blew up, my pens ran out of ink, or if my muse was deported.

James Pinsky: National Ag Day is March 21

March 16, 2017

If the only thing that growls in your house is your pooch and not your stomach, you might want to thank a farmer. Actually, we need to thank a lot more than just farmers.

Richard Hoover: Those now forgotten potent symbols

March 14, 2017

Little that is antique intrigues more than potent symbols once revered but now forgotten. Take the liberty cap, that floppy, flame-red slave’s hat worn in Ancient Rome so that on the street one could distinguish the free from the enslaved. Some accounts describe the cap as the mark of the manumitted slave only — who really knows?