Gyms quiet after holiday binge

WOODSTOCK — After the ultimate “cheat day” of the year, one might expect the gyms completely packed of people burning off the Thanksgiving calories, though this was not the case Friday.

Stefan Haydu, an employee of Anytime Fitness in Woodstock, said people are typically busy traveling and seeing their families, and still have food lingering in the fridge, “so the gym is really low on their list of priorities.”

“You get people who ate a ton, so they come in here and they work out,” he said, “and then you get people who eat a ton and they take a day or two off.

“The day after Thanksgiving generally tends to be not quite as busy as the weekend, when people sort of get everything out of their system.”

He said a good workout plan might start with 15 minutes of cardio exercises and 15 to 20 minutes of weightlifting.

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