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The NFL's latest money-making scam

Have you ever wanted to go to the Super Bowl? Ever dream of holding tickets to the greatest annual sporting even of all-time right in your hands, seated around 70,000 other rowdy, just-happy-to-be-there fans?

Of course you have. The problem is, it's just too darn expensive and hard to get tickets. So, in an attempt to remedy this, the NFL announced Wednesday the biggest tease ever known to man.

For a cool $200, the NFL will sell you a ticket to Super Bowl XLV. Wow! Only 200 bucks?!? I'm in! Oh, but there's a catch. The ticket doesn't get you access into the actual stadium. Rather, your $200 ticket allows you access to sit on the East Side of Cowboys stadium and watch the game on the huge TV screen that will be set up.

If this isn't the most worthless way to drop $200, I don't know what is.

I can't imagine plopping down $200, plus the cost of flying to Dallas, plus the cost of a hotel, only to get within a few feet of the Super Bowl and be forced to sit outside and watch the game. Congratulations, NFL, you've just created the world's most expensive drive-in movie theater.

For me, to be so close to the actual stadium wouldn't serve as a memorable backdrop. No, to be that close would drive me crazy, knowing I had made it so close yet so far from being at the greatest spectacle in America.

My first thought at the league's reasoning behind this is to claim to be able to give fans a unique experience without breaking their banks with outlandish ticket prices. The truth, I think, however, is simply to raise the game's attendance to an all-time high (fans who purchase these tickets will be counted toward the official attendance).

To fans who are considering this, please save your money. It may be a memorable occasion, but not all memories are good ones.

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