Pet of the Week: Playful Max ready for another chance

Max, a Doberman mix, is available for adoption at Winchester SPCA's Rockaplenty Adoption and Education Center. Brad Fauber/Daily

WINCHESTER – Like many dogs, Max loves to bark. Unfortunately for the 7-year-old Doberman mix, that penchant for letting his voice be heard has landed him back at the Winchester SPCA.

An owner-surrender for the second time, Max is now looking for another home and David Benoit, of the Winchester SPCA’s Rockaplenty Adoption and Education Center, says prospective dog owners shouldn’t be scared away by Max’s outspoken demeanor.

“He barks but I’ve never seen him show aggression, so as far as I can tell he’s a sweetheart,” Benoit said. “He just loves to play and he just wants to be loved on, pretty much.”

Getting a feel for Max’s friendliness is a quick assessment – his bid for attention and affection begins as soon as he enters the room. He doesn’t hesitate initiate contact – in a friendly way – and isn’t shy about offering up some dog kisses.

Benoit said Max’s most recent owner seemed “pretty heartbroken” about returning the dog to Rockaplenty.

“I feel like [pets are] all unique to some extent, whether it’s how they got here, their temperament or just how they interact with the people,” Benoit said. “This guy, he loves – any new person he sees he goes to see them.”

Though Max is 7 years old, he packs plenty of puppy-like energy. At around 40 pounds, Max is about half the size of a purebred Doberman Pinscher – though he has black and tan coat prevalent in the breed – and he’s pretty light on his feet. Benoit said that energy level, coupled with the friendly demeanor, gives Max plenty of options as far as an ideal living situation.

“Honestly I think he’d fit anywhere,” said Benoit, who added that Max plays well with other dogs. “He’s 7 years old but I think he would be a great fit with kids. He loves to play. He wants to run around, so I think a family with a few kids would actually be a really good fit for him.”

Max has been neutered and is up to date on all of his vaccinations. All that’s left, Benoit said, is for Max to find the right family with which he can “have a good time.”

“He’s a good dog,” Benoit said. “There’s nothing wrong with him. People think that because they’re here there’s something wrong with them but there’s not. He’s just down on his luck. He just needs a good place to hang out.”

The Winchester SPCA’s Rockaplenty Adoption and Education Center is located at 111 Featherbed Lane in Winchester and can be reached by calling (540) 662-8616 or via email at spca@winchesterspca.org.

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