Cody Fitchett: Still alive after first week at CIA

Cody Fitchett

Good morning people of the valley. I have successfully finished my first week of college and am still alive to write this article.

The first week is a lot of information and sitting, which I’m not used to because I am a chef and I’m always on my feet. The first couple days were a little rough getting used to waking up at the crack of dawn and having to have a set schedule, but I adapted very quickly and am really starting to get involved.

Living with a roommate is a little harder than I thought it would be. He snores and is a little different than I  am, but that’s all part of the college experience and I’m glad that I’m participating in that.

Lets talk about the food for a second. I am going to the best culinary school in the nation and the food that we eat is nothing less than what the name implies.

I’m really enjoying it here in the little town of Hyde Park, New York, but I do miss my friends and family. I miss my mom and dad and my big family and my best friend Haley Copeland; but I’ll be home in a couple weeks to see you guys.

I know that I’m at the right place for the profession that I’m entering. The school is nothing less than perfection and that is the standard here.

Well it’s time for homework, so I will see you guys next week. If anyone wants to send me letters, send them to Cody Fitchett, #70, The Culinary Institute of America, 1946 Campus Drive, Hyde Park NY 125381499.

Talk to you guys soon.