Cody Fitchett: A passion for baking

Cody Fitchett

Good morning or afternoon, whichever time you’re drinking your coffee and reading this food

The past week has been exciting. Every three weeks we get a “three-day weekend” because of new students moving in. I spent my free Monday helping new students move into The Culinary Institute of America and catapulting their belongings up three flights of stairs.

Now I know this doesn’t seem fun to the average Joe, but to me it was all about paying it forward and giving back to the school. When I arrived on campus just three short weeks ago, I was welcomed by a wonderful team that helped me move into my dorm.

This college is the most amazing school I have ever seen. One of my teachers is 77 years old and is the smartest pastry chef on the planet. He is credited for bringing the well-known creme brulee to America.

College is great, but it’s also a lot of work and it’s all about two things: balance and time management. Whenever you have free time, do some homework and don’t wait until the last day when you have to read and write about 50 pages. I have become used to the system and am going great here at the CIA.

Marbled pound cake, fresh out of the oven. Photo courtesy of Cody Fitchett

Yesterday it was 50-plus degrees here in the beautiful town of Hyde Park, New York, and I was able to wear a short-sleeved T-shirt.

Baking class is going well. I love my chef and all my classmates. They are a unique group of people, but we all have a passion for one thing; baking!

My best friend here, Camile, is quite the baker; we competed at state competition last year and we have been friends ever since. So my journey here is so far so good, thanks to all the people back home who are thinking about me and are keeping me in their prayers. It’s much appreciated! I’ll be coming home in the next couple of weeks, so if you see me, don’t be afraid to say hi.

Well it’s that time again, I have to go iron my chef jacket. I’ll see you guys next week. Best wishes from my kitchen to yours!

Cody Fitchett, of Fort Valley, is a recent graduate of Triplett Tech in Shenandoah County. He is sharing his thoughts here each week as he attends the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Email him at chefcodyfitchett@gmail.com