Cody Fitchett: Grape nut ice cream in the summertime – yum!

Cody Fitchett

I write this as I am sitting by a camp fire at the beautiful Smith Mountain Lake.

This is my last week of vacation, but as much as it saddens me to say that, I am truly excited to get back in the kitchen at The Culinary Institute Of America in Hyde Park, New York.

I hope you all had fun at the Route 11 Yard Crawl on Saturday. I went on Friday and managed to get some good deals before I left for the lake on Saturday. I received the bargain of the day: I picked up a brand new ice cream maker still in the box for $8. This is not the average ice cream maker though, it takes no ice or rock salt and only takes 15 minutes to turn from a creamy ice cream base to a velvety smooth grape nut heaven!

Since we are on the topic of ice cream and it is summertime, I thought I would give you some pointers to make your ice cream a success.

You can either buy the ice cream base from the refrigerated section or make it yourself. You can find recipes all over the Internet that are simple and easy. Next, pick the flavor of your ice cream. My favorite is grape nut, so what I do is pour the grape nuts into the base and let it sit for an hour in the refrigerator to soften them up.

If you are going to add a candy bar or a topping to your ice cream, it is best to let the ice cream spin 90 percent and then add the “mix-ins” when it’s almost done so the pieces don’t get broken up.

These are just some quick tips to impress guests at your next gathering.

Well, it is the time again. I am going water skiing and enjoying my last week of vacation. As always, God bless!

Cody Fitchett, of Fort Valley, is a recent graduate of Triplett Tech in Shenandoah County. He is sharing his thoughts here each week as he attends the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Email him at chefcodyfitchett@gmail.com