James Pinsky: My Christmas wish

James Pinsky

Christmas comes but once a year
Family and friends, all for Christmas cheer
Some travel near, others far
Some by train, others by car

No matter the distance, one thing is clear
If it weren’t for conservationists, we wouldn’t be here
The trees, the water, the birds and even deer
All would be gone, if we didn’t care

So on Christmas morning; give the gifts we all need
Teach others to conserve, how to plant those seeds
To grow more trees, flowers and grass
So we can have healthy bear, bats and bass

Give the gift of acorns, the squirrels will go nuts
Give the gift of clean water, no ifs, ands or buts
Give the gift of clean air, so birds can soar high
Give the gift of clean soil, so earthworms don’t die

Share your passion for hugging trees, bunnies and friends
Volunteer to help save our new park at Seven Bends
Save a few dollars by cutting back on gas
Ride a bike, run or walk, lose weight instead of cash

No matter what you choice to conserve
Remember with most things, there is no reserve
Once we use up too much of what we hold dear
It will too late to shout I’m sorry, now I care!

James Pinsky is the Education and Information Coordinator for the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District. Contact him at 540-465-2424 ext. 104 or james.pinsky@lfswcd.org.