James Pinsky: The road to conservation

James Pinsky

A step we take,
One then two,
Then, three and four,
A breath and several more

Any journey begins
The same, with a start
Regardless the focus
Irrelevant of the heart

Conservation is a journey
Sometimes breathless as we try
To convince so many comfortable
That doing nothing means we die

Save our world
A cry heard all around
Save our wildlife, our water
Save our trees, rooted in the ground

Save our air, and our mountains
Save the birds, bees and bats
Save those who don’t want saving
Even mosquitos, snakes and rats

Save our neighbors, save our friends,
Save our families and our kin
Save our enemies, yes, even them
Save tomorrows, to begin again

Fight for water, every last drop
Fight for trees, every needle and leaf
Fight for farmers and ranchers,
Fight for mutton, veal and beef

Fight for what we love
And even harder for what we don’t
For every living creature now exists
Play favorites, and nothing won’t

The road to conservation
Is as wide as it needs to be
To hold us all together
The only way for tomorrows to always be

James Pinsky is the education and information coordinator for the Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District. Contact him at 540.465.2424, ext. 104, or james.pinsky@lfswcd.org.