Pet of the Week: ‘Lap dog’ Bill Bill seeks a lap

Bill Bill is available for adoption at the Frederick County Esther Boyd Animal Shelter. Josh Gully/Dailiy

Bill Bill would love to find a new best friend, take a seat on his or her lap, and check out what is on TV. After that, he’d like to hop in bed and doze off for the night.

This 8-year-old chihuahua, pug and dachshund mix is at the Frederick County Esther Boyd Animal Shelter, but would love to find a forever home.

Don’t let his willingness to be a cuddle buddy fool you. Age does not affect Bill Bill, who could keep up with an energetic puppy any day of the week.

That energy extends to walks, and he is not leash-trained, shelter caretaker Darlene Foreman said. Even though Bill Bill is at most 15 pounds, he will likely lead the way by pulling the leash. She said a harness would probably work best.

“He is pretty spunky for his age,” Foreman said.

He has no health issues, is neutered, and up to date on shots. Although a couple of teeth have been pulled, he eats hard food and loves a treat. The only cost in bringing Bill Bill to his forever home is a $30 adoption fee.

Bill Bill last lived in a house with several other animals, and got along with them all except an un-neutered male with whom he became “food aggressive,” Foreman said.

Although it may be best for Bill Bill to have run of the house, Foreman said people with dogs can adopt him. She suggested bringing current pets to the shelter beforehand to see if they get along.

Foreman said no appointment is necessary to visit Bill Bill. For more information, contact the shelter at 540-667-9192 or drop in at 161 Fort Collier Road, Winchester.