Pet of the Week: Hogan seeks his forever home

Hogan is available for adoption at the Humane Society of Warren County. Josh Gully/Daily

Hogan arrived at the Humane Society of Warren County with a large open cut atop his head, but he is now recovered and ready to find a new home.

Michael Kerns, Humane Society Feline team leader, said Hogan, a domestic shorthair cat, was found along Crooked Run Road with the “big gash” on his head.

Kerns said the Humane Society does not usually take in strays and the cut was the only reason Hogan was admitted.

“He definitely needed medical care or he wasn’t going to make it,” Kerns said.

That cut has since been stitched up, and Kerns said once the cat’s soft orange fur grows back, “you’ll never even know he had anything.”

Kerns said Hogan is probably a couple of years old and is a “friendly, affectionate guy” that “will probably rub up against you a bunch.” He said Hogan is “just kind of aloof” and enjoys being petted.

“He’s not super playful, at least not here, but then again he doesn’t get a lot of stimulation for that. Mostly he just likes to be petted,” Kerns said.

Still, he said Hogan is most likely not the type of cat that will chase a ball.

“He’s more of a lounger. He’ll sit on the couch or in a sunspot or something like that,” Kerns said.

Kerns said Hogan would most likely acclimate to any home and that he does not mind kids and “doesn’t seem to care too much about other cats.” Hogan also does not have any dietary restrictions or medical issues, and he is not neutered.

The Humane Society does not know if Hogan was ever a pet, but Kerns said he thinks “he’s probably had contact with humans for sure.”

Anyone can adopt Hogan for $15, and those interested should contact the Humane Society at 1245 Progress Drive, any day except Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., or call 540-635-4734.