D.C. filmmaker to screen skate film at the Alamo

For some, the images produced when thinking of a place called the Cedar Crest Country Club are ones that involve Sunday brunches, membership fees and exclusivity. But for a select few, the Cedar Crest Country Club was where skating and punk rock in the 80s started.

Washington D.C. filmmaker Michael Maniglia brings his documentary “Blood and Steel: Cedar Crest Country Club,” to the Alamo Drafthouse for a screening at 9 p.m.  July 31. The film, according to its synopsis,“Tells a story of East Coast punk and skateboard history; recounted by the very pioneers from the D.C. hardcore punk music and skateboarding scene that created it.” Skateboard legends such as Tony Hawk and Buddy Lasek recount their days skating in the relatively unknown park.

“The way that I see the Alamo Drafthouse is we are a community theater of sorts,” said Andy Gyurisin, founder of the Winchester Film Club and part of programming and promotions at the Alamo. “I got an email from Nate Rhodes over at Hopscotch Coffee as well as David at Pioneer Skate Shop. They said, ‘Andy, you don’t know a lot about this, but I think there’s a big draw for this specific film in this community and we would love to help sponsor, help bring and help promote this film to this community.'”

Gyurisin reached out to Subterra Films and arranged a screening of the film, which has already been screened in Florida and California. There will also be people in the film attending the screening.

Prior to the screening, from 7-8:30 p.m. in the parking lot next to the Green Turtle, there will be ramps set up for people to skate. Those interested in skating will have to sign a waiver before being allowed to participate.

“It’s not just a movie and that’s it, we’re actually going to make a unique event out of it,” Gyurisin said. “Promote some local businesses, as well as learn a little bit about this sort of history of skating in this, sort of, local area. We’ve already gotten some great response and ticket sales are moving quickly.”

Tickets for the screening can be purchased through the Alamo Drafthouse website https://drafthouse.com/winchester.