Film shown at Skyline Indie Fest now streaming online

When filmmaker Kristin Catalano showcased her feature-length documentary “Clarence” at the 2016 Skyline Indie Film Fest she had no idea it would be picked up a year later by Indican Pictures or that it would be streamed on 14 different streaming platforms including Amazon, iTunes and DirecTV. Her dream came true this month.

“My original goal was not to make money,” Catalano said. “It was to make a film for people to be inspired by.”

“Clarence” tells the story of an 85-year-old World War II veteran who returns to the classroom after 50 years to complete his bachelor’s degree. Along the way he conquered many missteps including health and technology issues, but he never despaired.

“Clarence marched to his own beat,” Catalano said. “Whatever goal he set in his life, he accomplished.”

Catalano fell in love with the idea of filmmaking at the University of California at Los Angeles while studying screen writing.

“I wanted to find a passionate subject for my first feature film,” she said. “Because I wanted something to share.”

Catalano added she wasn’t sure what it would be and then she met Clarence.

“His initial response during out first interview was he didn’t regret anything in his life,” she said. “And then he mentioned he’d been looking at college books.”

A year later Clarence was back in college studying topics like sociology and guitar.

The feature-length documentary was filmed over a decade, with roughly over 200 hours of raw footage. Catalano’s final edit made its run-time 76 minutes.

“Clarence is a heart-warming story,” she said. “You like him right away. You connect with him right away. You become his best friend. He’s a character you’ll remember the rest of your life.”

Catalano said she hopes viewers of her documentary leave thinking they can accomplish anything, like Clarence.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your situation is,” she said. “If you really want something, no matter how impossible it may be, reach for it.”

“Clarence” circulated through major film festivals including Hollywood Film Festival, Austin Film Festival and Arlington International Film Festival. It has won awards including Hollywood Film Festival: Best Emerging Filmmaker and Rome International Film Festival: Best Feature Documentary.

To watch “Clarence” visit http://clarencedocumentary.com/watch-now