Edinburg siblings to enter Hampshires into county fair

Lizzi Zirkle, 9, shows one of her Hampshires. Courtesy photo.
Jesse Zirkle, 16, holds one of his purebred Hampshires. Courtesy photo.

Lizzi Zirkle, 9, and her older brother Jesse Zirkle, 16, both from Edinburg, are eager to show their purebred Hampshires at the Shenandoah County Fair.

For Lizzi, it’s her first year as a member of 4-H so this will be her first year showing in the fair, but her family shows animals on a West Virginia circuit so she has done this in the past. Jesse has been in 4-H for eight years, and has been judging livestock since he joined. He’s been showing animals for the last three years.

Both are entering purebred Hampshires, and Lizzi has a commercial Hampshire ewe named Tiny because she was small when she was born. Jesse said that in the past his focus was making the animals look “halfway decent,” but this year he’s putting more time into making them look the best they can.

As far as the money earned from selling the commercial Hampshires, Lizzi wants to put the money into a savings fund, and Jesse plans to put his money “back into the herd” and get more sheep for next year.