Three Woodstock siblings looking forward to fair shows

Lane Stephens will be showing two crossbred steers at the fair. Courtesy photo
Kora Stephens will be showing her three boer goats at the fair this year. Courtesy photo
Luke Stephens works with one of the two pigs he will be showing at the fair. Courtesy photo

The Stephens siblings, Luke, 10, Lane and Kora, both 12, of Woodstock, are each entering a different animal at the Shenandoah County Fair. Luke has his two pigs, Kora has her three boer goats and Lane has two crossbred steers.

The family has been raising animals for show for the last two years, and they each learned valuable lessons through it all. Lane learned that it takes “time, skill and patience” to raise steer, Kora learned the importance of being aware of her animal’s needs and their personality to properly care for them, and Luke learned about getting acquainted with pigs.

“With pigs, you can’t just run up to them and start petting them,” Luke said. “They have to get used to you.”

As 4-H members, all said they love the opportunity to meet new people, help out and interact with their community and learning about animals and agriculture through the program.

All three plan on using money earned from the fair to help with their animals next year, particularly getting feed and supplies for them, as well as buying new animals to show. Luke added that next year he may want to get a different species of pigs.