Pet of the Week: Daphne seeking new home that offers the right fit

Daphne, a 4-year-old treeing qalker xoonhound, is available for adoption at the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter in Edinburg. Brad Fauber/Daily

EDINBURG – Katrina Keywood, an animal caretaker at the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter, said last week that Daphne, a 4-year-old tricolor treeing walker coonhound, would make a fine addition to any family. Any potential adopters of the canine do need to be aware of one trait, however.

Keywood strongly suggested that Daphne be brought into a home free of other dogs or cats.

“Walker hounds are bred to hunt and they have that prey instinct, and she definitely has it,” Keywood said.

Daphne, who first arrived at the shelter around seven months ago after she was picked up as a stray, had previously been adopted out of the Shenandoah County facility but was returned two weeks later after getting into a “scuffle” with another dog belonging to her new family, Keywood said.

“They were fine with each other and I guess the other dog started the altercation. I wasn’t there so I don’t know,” Keywood said of the incident. “But she’s not mean by any means. She does well with kids. She loves to play.

“She definitely has the hound nose,” Keywood added as Daphne sniffed enthusiastically at the ground outside of the shelter  before locating the dog treats inside Keywood’s pocket.

Keywood described the 60-pound coonhound as energetic and playful, a lover of food and an “inquisitive” dog that “doesn’t miss anything.” She added that Daphne handles herself well on a leash and would make a great hiking companion.

“As long as they didn’t have other pets I think she’d be a great fit for any family,” Keywood said. “… She’d prefer to be a couch potato. I could see her just curling up and taking a nap during the day while no one’s home.”

Keywood did add that Daphne, who has been spayed and is up to date on all her vaccinations, has suffered from some skin issues in the past, including a yeast infection that Keywood said has since been treated. Keywood recommended Daphne be kept on a grain-free diet as a result and sheltered in a dry enclosure if she is housed outside regularly.

Keywood also said that Daphne is likely prone to roam if not kept in a fenced-in yard or trained to understand her boundaries.

Adoption fees for dogs at the Shenandoah County Animal Shelter are $25. More information about the facility, located at 268 Landfill Road in Edinburg, can be found online at www.shenandoahcountyva.us/animal-shelter or by calling  540-984-8955.