Woodstock girl enters four animals in county fair

Lindsey Hamrick, 15, of Woodstock, is bringing four animals to the Shenandoah County Fair: two wethers, a steer calf and a heifer calf. She’s been showing goats for the past six years, and cattle for the last two, and even though she is somewhat experienced, there are still things she’s learning through the process.

“They’re really hard at first to get them broken and used to you and get them calmed down,” Hamrick said, “but if you work with them every day, and really hard, you’re going to have a really good animal.”

Every day, and especially on weekends, she spends time tending to her animals with the help of her dad. It’s a lot of responsibility, Hamrick said, and it can be really hard for her to devote that much time to the animals, but for her it’s a part of the process.

She also enjoys her time with 4-H, she said, and she loves being a part of it because it offers something for everyone. Hamrick said that she enjoys the challenge of public speaking and the community service opportunities that come with 4-H membership.

With the money earned from selling the steer calf, Hamrick plans to buy another steer for next year. With her heifer, Hamrick plans to eventually breed her and hopes that she would get a steer from her. Hamrick said she wants to save as much of the money earned from the fair as she can. She added that she will be at the fair all week, and she’s excited to show off her animals.

“I know other kids put a lot of hard work into it, and it really shows at the sale and during the fair it shows,” Hamrick said. “People should come out, see all the hard work all the kids have done.”