Pet of the Week: Kona ready to ditch the shelter life

Kona, a 5-year-old domestic shorthair cat, is available for adoption at the Winchester SPCA's Rockaplenty Adoption and Education Center. Brad Fauber/Daily

WINCHESTER – Kona, a 5-year-old domestic shorthair cat, has spent recent months as a shelter cat, first residing at one facility before being transferred to the Winchester SPCA’s Rockaplenty Adoption and Education Center last July. She now needs an owner to give her a more permanent home.

“She’s one that I’ve been kind of rooting for, for a while,” Micheale Mullinax, an animal care associate at Rockaplenty, said on Monday.

Kona comes with no strings attached. She’s friendly, quiet, tolerates fellow felines, has been spayed and micro-chipped and is up to date on all of her vaccinations. Kona also has had no health issues that the Rockaplenty staff is aware of, outside of being what Mullinax called a “fat cat.”

“She’s not one of those cats that are gonna go run around and wreak havoc,” Mullinax said. “She just kind of likes to lay around, and relax and she can be very affectionate.”

Mullinax said there aren’t many restrictions as far as an ideal home for Kona is concerned. Kona does well with kids, she said, and travels well in a car, although Mullinax added that she’s unsure how Kona does around dogs.

Mullinax suggested that Kona’s personality might be a better fit for a family with older children who wouldn’t be determined to constantly pick her up.

“She’s not huge on loud noises, that kind of stuff, so kind of more of a laid-back family,” Mullinax said.

“She’s not huge on being picked up and carried around. But out of all the cats (at the shelter) she’s never growled at any of us. She’s never shown any kind of aggression. Pretty much if any of the other cats kind of annoy her she just kind of wanders off and goes to a little quiet space, so she’s very tolerant.”

Mullinax added that she recommended Kona be confined to indoor living only, as the cat has a shown a penchant for hiding.

Adoption fees at the Winchester SPCA vary based on promotions and sponsorships. For more information, the Winchester SPCA can be reached by calling (540) 662-8616 or by visiting WinchesterSPCA.org.

The Rockaplenty Adoption and Education Center is located at 111 Featherbed Lane in Winchester.