‘Follow the Star: A Live Nativity’ presented at battlefield

WINCHESTER – “Follow the Star: A Live Nativity,” presented by Fellowship Bible Church, returns to Kernstown Battlefield on Saturday complete with hundreds of live actors and farm animals to tell the story of Christ’s birth.

Event organizer Karen Santimer wants guests to understand the significance of the Christmas story.

“This is our eighth year hosting this free event for the community,” Santimer said. “Our goal is to take people back to the night Christ was born and share his story, starting from the very beginning.”

The nativity will showcase eight scenes, starting with Gabriel talking to Mary. The full tour will take about 30 minutes for guests to complete. Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes and attire, as this is a walking tour.

New this year is the marketplace.

“It’s a place where guests will have an opportunity to step back in time over 2,000 years and experience what a marketplace was like in Bethlehem,” Santimer said. “While guests wait to walk through the nativity, they will have the added element of entering biblical  times immediately as they walk through the city gates.

The marketplace will have nine tradespeople, including a weaver, a potter, a metal workshop and a scribe. Many of the tradespeople will provide opportunities for guests to participate in various activities dating back to Christ’s era.

“It’s a unique way to keep guests entertained as they wait for their turn,” Santimer said.

For Santimer, she’s most excited about knowing that the Christmas story is being shared within the community.

“The Christmas story is a simple one,” Santimer said. “We really hope guests will leave with a better understanding.”

The event concludes with hot cocoa and cookies.

Admission is free.

Parking is at Creekside Shopping Center, 3103 Valley Ave.