Millennials love their house plants

Air plants are some of the easiest plants to grow and are work well in open globe terrariums. Ashley Miller/Daily

Houseplants add beauty to any space with their green leaves or colorful petals. For many, the cold, blustery winter days are a welcome excuse for indoor gardeners to bring life inside. Whether it’s an air plant, spider plant or English ivy, there is a plant for every personality and space.

Janet Heishman, owner of Pot Town Organics in Strasburg, said by the end of January people are looking for indoor houseplants to “cheer up the atmosphere.”

“The days are shorter and colder,” Heishman said. “People need that positive energy to last until the first days of spring.”

When it comes to deciding on the perfect in-door plant Heishman noted a trend that gardeners are starting to see more of: the buying habits of millennials and their obsession with everything green.

“Millennials are filling their homes with plants of all shapes and sizes,” she said. “Because many work over 60 hours a week, they simply don’t have the time to care for a pet. So, they’re turning to plants.” She also noted apartment size and other restrictions have played a role in this booming market.

Perfect for forgetful gardeners or those on the move succulents can brighten any living space. Ashley Miller/Daily

“Millennials care a great deal about sustainability, organic items and other in-tune health products that will keep them healthy,” Heishman said. “Basically, they’re spending money on what makes them happy. And right now that’s plants.”

Those plants include air plants, succulents and herbs.

Heishman is known for her wide collection of air plants. Because they’re so easy to grow and care for, they’re ideal for millennials. “No muss, no fuss” she said.

Succulents are also trending well with millennials because of their multiple purpose uses. Succulent terrariums are being spotted on windowsills and desks. And even brides are using them for centerpieces or favors.

As for herbs, Heishman said everyone grows them. “There so many ways to grow them; inside or out”. Popular herbs include basil, chives, mint, oregano and rosemary.

For those outside the millennial generation Heishman suggests plants with a decorative vibe like mother-in-law’s tongue or rubber plants.

“There’s nothing quite like putting a beautiful green plant up against a stark white wall,” Heishman said. “And stepping back to admire its beauty.”

Pot Town Organics is located at 181 W. King St. in Strasburg.