Pet of the Week: Calm DaVinci is looking for a home

DaVinci, a 4-year-old cat, is looking for a new home. Max Lee/Daily

FRONT ROYAL — DaVinci, a black cat at the Humane Society of Warren County, has no plans to paint the Mona Lisa or become the first cat to design an airplane. He’s too laid back for all that work.

But he would like to find a new home.

The 4-year-old cat has been at the Humane Society since August, said Michael Kerns, the feline team leader for the organization. The cat’s former owner surrendered the animal, Kerns added.

“I think it was a change in living situation,” Kerns said. “They had some relatives move in.”

Kerns said that DaVinci is up to date on all of his vaccinations and that he had been neutered.

Kerns described DaVinci as a calm indoor cat who would fit in with most families. Other pets and younger children shouldn’t be much of a problem, he said.

“He’s just sort of laid back, keeps to himself,” Kerns said. “As long as he’s got a soft place to sleep, he’s really content.”

DaVinci isn’t too keen on toys, Kerns added.

“He’ll play sometimes, but mostly he’s into just chilling out,” Kerns said.

Kerns said that DaVinci had a urinary blockage shortly after arriving at the Humane Society.

“Once that got cleared up, he didn’t have any more issues with it,” Kerns said. “I wouldn’t really say it isn’t anything to worry about, just something that happened once in the past.”

DaVinci’s adoption fee is $15.

To learn more about DaVinci, contact the Humane Society of Warren County by phone at 540-635-4734 or visit their website at www.humanesocietywarrencounty.org.