Floral tips for Valentine’s Day

A romantic bouquet composed of pink and red roses and hydrangeas makes a pretty Valentine's Day gift. Ashley Miller/Daily

WINCHESTER – Elisa Scott and Deborah Graham, a mother-daughter team who own Bluebells in Winchester, create beauty through romantic floral arrangements.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, Scott said many customers are opting for more modern arrangements and less traditional.

“As the flowers go, not everyone is excited about getting red roses like they use to be, say 10 years ago,” Scott said. “Now most of our customers give us a budget and tell us to make something pretty.”

Arrangements of pink roses mixed in with tulips, hydrangeas and ranunculus along with lilies, orchids and peonies are often seen leaving the shop this time of year.

“Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about red roses,” Scott said. “Roses come in so many color hues now. It’s just finding one that the recipient will appreciate and love.”

But for those traditionalists who still want to send the traditional red roses to their sweetheart, Scott said they have them covered.

“Some of our customers are more traditional and enjoy sending red roses with babies breath,” she said. “They’re the still the perfect way to show someone you love them.”

For some, though, red roses may not be within their budget.

“Red roses can get costly at Valentine’s Day,” Scott said. “Because of that, most customers end up picking a different color or flower all together.”

The mother-daughter duo said while flexibility in flowers and design are appreciated they want customers to think ahead this year in planning.

“A lot of people, mostly men, will wait until the last minute to place their order,” Scott said. “When they do that, we can’t guarantee what will be available.”

Typically they said they end up having to cut off orders closer to Valentine’s Day to fulfill them.

“Between design and delivering, we sometimes have our hands full,” Graham said. “Monday and Tuesday will be really busy for us,” Scott added. “We always do our best to try and help every customer that walks in or calls, but you can never tell.”

Scott said that while prior planning would be ideal, she knows it’s not always possible.

“Sometimes people forget. It’s a last-minute thing. We get it,” she said. “But again, we can’t guarantee what we’ll have available.”

Weather and temperature are also a major factor.

“If Valentine’s Day is super cold, the flowers have to delivered inside. They can’t be left out in the cold on a porch,” Scott said. “Or they’ll be ruined.”

One last piece of advice from Scott and Graham pertains to card etiquette.

“Especially now, in our digital age, we tend to forgot to sign cards correctly,” Scott said.

“Don’t write from your secret admirer. Be more creative,” she said, suggesting the use of a heartfelt nickname or thoughtful message that will invoke a memory or a feeling.

Graham noted, “We try to create the prettiest arrangements people would want.”

Scott added, “A nice mix of pretty flowers is perfectly heart-felt for Valentine’s Day.”

Contact Bluebells at 540-535-7279 or 6 W. Boscawen St., Winchester.