Pet of the Week: Baby Lucy hopes to hop into forever home

Baby Lucy is available for adopition. Josh Gully/Daily

FRONT ROYAL – Although Easter is a couple of months away, it is not too early to welcome a bunny into your house.

Nine-month-old American Breed rabbit Baby Lucy is up for adoption at the Warren County Humane Society. The tortie-colored rabbit has been at the Humane Society since Jan. 28, but would love to find a forever home.

Janet McMillan, Humane Society kennel tech, said Baby Lucy would not mind having run of the house. She has, however, done well in a wire cage.

McMillan added that Baby Lucy gets along great with other rabbits, but warned adopters to not have any dogs or cats.

That friendliness extends to people, and she is “a very friendly rabbit and she likes to be held.” The ideal adopter would be “somebody who likes to pet,” and her fur provides a welcoming invitation.

“She’s very soft,” McMillan said.

Baby Lucy arrived at the Humane Society along with another rabbit, Astro, and McMillan said the two would love to stay together. Baby Lucy eats regular rabbit food, but does not mind a salad with carrots, lettuce, apples and peppers.

There is a $10 adoption fee to bring Baby Lucy to her forever home. The discounted fee is part of a special that will run through Feb. 13. Any adopters before the deadline will be given a Westminster Dog Show raffle ticket with the chance to win $500. With the special, adoption fees for dogs and cats are $14.

In addition to Baby Lucy, the Humane Society has 50 cats, four dogs and a guinea pig up for adoption.

For more information, visit the Warren County Humane Society, 1245 Progress Drive, any day except Wednesda, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or call 540-635-4734.