Learn perks of eating plant-based diet

WOODSTOCK –  Deborah Inaba, a certified food plant-based nutritionist and exercise physiologist at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital, wants to help people learn how to avoid health complications by maintaining healthier eating habits.

“Whether at chain restaurants or fast food restaurants, Americans are always eating out,” Inaba said. “Because of this, we’re making unhealthy eating choices.”

Inaba will present a three-week lecture series, “Healthy Living Series: NOURISH”, to educate individuals on the concept of whole food plant nutrition. She will discuss what makes certain foods healthy, the healthiest cooking methods and how to read nutrition labels.

“Notice how the milk is always at the back of the store,” she said. “It’s so we make unhealthy decisions and impulse shop.”

During Week Two, participants will visit a nearby grocery store where they will learn how to make the best choices when shopping. Week Three covers easy cooking methods and then participants will have a meal together at the Shenandoah Memorial Hospital kitchen.

“When I work with patients I see some of them return because they’re not making good eating choices,” she said. “Generally, people won’t make a healthy change unless they’ve been scared into it.”

Inaba said she hopes participants will understand that eating more fruits and vegetables can reduce unhealthy lifestyles and will reduce anxiety about certain foods.

“A lot of people eat emotionally,” she said. “Food is not supposed to love or hug you. It’s supposed to fuel you.”

The class is limited to eight participants and begins March 8. The cost is $30.

Contact Inaba for more information: 540-459-1387