Pet of the Week: Affectionate Georgie is looking for a home

Georgie, a 5-year-old cat, is looking for a place to call home. Max Lee/Daily

WINCHESTER — When Georgie came to the Winchester SPCA, he was in rough shape. The 5-year-old cat, a stray who was brought to the facility by a concerned citizen, had ringworms and ear mites.

Billie Guidry, a customer service adoption agent at the SPCA, said Georgie still likely has feline immunodeficiency virus,  but he is otherwise healthy. Now, Georgie is looking for a place to call home.

“He is all better now,” Guidry said.

Since arriving at the facility on Sept. 30, Guidry said that workers placed Georgie in isolation to help him recover from his illnesses. Georgie stayed there for several months, slowly recovering.

“All animals that come to us, no matter what, if they’re fixable, we fix them,” Guidry said.

But Georgie has since been moved out of isolation and is able to interact with other cats and with people. He is up  to date on his vaccinations and has been neutered and microchipped. That means that, should Georgie become lost in the future, it should be fairly easy for his owner to relocate him.

Georgie is an  affectionate cat, rubbing his face against any human he catches eye of — something Guidry finds particularly remarkable because of Georgie’s rough past.

“I love how affectionate he is, considering he was a stray found in such terrible condition,” Guidry said.

At around 18 pounds, Georgie is not going to be an energetic young cat.

“He would be good for a family who is looking for a mature cat that is not going to try to climb the curtains,” Guidry said.

Because of his feline immunodeficiency virus, Georgie should not go to a family that has FIV-negative cats. Those cats are vulnerable to receiving the disease, even though the disease only transfers to other cats through deep wounds and sexual transmission.

But Guidry said that Georgie would fit in fine with other FIV-positive cats and would do fine with children.

“He hasn’t had a problem with any of the other cats we have associated him with,” Guidry said.

Despite his prior health problems, Guidry said that Georgie does not need any frequent medications to keep him healthy.

Normally, the adoption fee for mature cats like Georgie is $75. But Guidry said that theadoption fee would be cut in half until Sunday.

More information: contact the Winchester SPCA at 540-662-8616 or visit the website at winchesterspca.org.