Tips on how to sell a home fast

Setting the right price and making an excellent first impression are both essential to attracting homebuyers, which in turn makes it possible to sell a home fast. According to local real estate agents, it all comes down to a few key to-dos to take care of before the home hits the market.

Jennifer Rogers, an agent with Weichert in Front Royal, said it’s all about curb appeal.

“Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact,” she said. “Repainting the front door, clearing out dead leaves, picking up broken pots.”

First impressions are everything. Rogers suggests taking a picture and stepping back to see what the camera sees.

Other suggestions include painting the trim, power washing, freshen the entryway, add living space outdoors and updating the landscaping.

Shelly Belford, an agent with Weichert in Front Royal, tells her clients to pack away any items they won’t use daily: furniture that’s too large, personal photos and any other items that depersonalize the home.

“When clients pack away items they aren’t using, it makes the home appear larger,” she said. “Which in turn gives it more of a wow factor.”

Abby Walters, an agent with Sager Real Estate in Strasburg, said it’s all about professional photos.

“I can’t say it enough,” she said. “Nine out of 10 buyers start their home search online. You want your home to look its best and to stand out.”

Photography matters when selling a home because buyers are essentially getting their first showing through the web.

Walters said when it comes down to it, professional photography is what truly matters.

“Capturing the attention of buyers through photography makes a great first impression,” she said. “Those small things that add up to make a big difference.”

Wanda Himes, an associate broker at Weichert in Front Royal, suggests updating where the budget allows. “Always start with the kitchen and the bathroom because women usually pick the home,” she said. “Countertops and floors are the most important.”

Himes also suggested updating fixtures or appliances that look out of date.

“Most importantly, show those prospective buyers that you’re proud of your home,” Belford said. “If people see that, your home is more inclined to sell.”