Strasburg Community Garden hosts work day Saturday

STRASBURG – Town residents are invited to help prepare the Strasburg Community Garden at 10 a.m. Saturday with the Strasburg Community Garden Partners. This event will coincide with the opening day of the community garden.

Alison Sloop and Nick Livesay, conservation specialists for the Lord Fairfax Soil & Water Conservation, organized the open house and workday primarily as an opportunity to finish the garden and to open it to its growers.

“The thought was to have an open house to show the beginning of the garden season and the garden’s first opening,” Sloop said. “Our goal is to have almost all of the community plots in and ready for use.”

Saturday’s work will include mulching walkways between plots, filling rainwater storage barrels, installing the garden’s bulletin board, filling garden beds with soil and preparing the gardens raised beds. Master gardeners will be on site answering any garden questions volunteers may have.

“We’re hoping those that do show up will want to get their hands dirty,” Livesay said. “They can bring rakes, gloves, shovels and wheel barrels if they want to but we’ll have most of the necessary tools on site. But we can always use more.”

A semi-work day will be held Wednesday with Strasburg middle school FFA students completing construction of the rain harvesting system.

“It [rain harvesting system] should also be in place, so we’ll be able to show guests how we’ll be collecting rainwater for the garden,” Sloop said.

Partners of the community garden will be on site so volunteers and Strasburg residents can meet the faces behind the scenes of the garden itself.

Volunteers will receive a limited number of coupons for free plants from Gabalot Gardens, a community partner in the garden’s creation.

The garden is for Strasburg residents only. Plots are free, but gardeners are encouraged to give a portion of their produce to Restore Hope House Food Pantry or Compassion Cupboard Food Pantry.


When: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday

Where: Strasburg Community Garden, 205 Park Road

Information: Call Alison Sloop at 540-465-2424 ext. 111 or email  Nick Livesay at nick.livesay@lfswcd.org