(50+ Tab) Wanderlust kicks in late for active seniors

WOODSTOCK – Margaret Gochenour, a travel agent with Alpha Voyages, said she is seeing more people over 50 globetrotting.

“The world is their oyster,” Gochenour said. “Seniors are traveling more because they seem to have a better sense of adventure than in years past. Times have changed. A lot of seniors after retirement realize they have a lot more time on their hands and excess spendable income. Therefore for many, the travel possibilities really are endless.”

Active seniors are traveling by rail, air and water to their favorite destinations including the Grand Canyon, Iceland and Sandals Resorts to experience the culture, entertainment and cuisine.

“It really comes down to wanting to experience the world before our time comes,” she said. “For many of us, the opportunity to travel was hard to come by. We were raising our own families, taking care of loved ones. Working. Now is the time to see what beauty the world has to offer.”

For seniors that have the wanderlust bug, Gochenour said many of her client’s book rail, cruises or inclusive resorts for their trips because they know they will be well cared for – from the time of booking to their return home.

“When you’re older, having that piece of mind really is reassuring,” she said. “There’s nothing more discouraging, at really any age, than having something happen on your trip and not knowing who to turn to or where to receive the proper assistance.”

That’s where Gochenour comes in. She knows from personal experiences, along with client testimonials, how important it is to have someone on the client’s side.

“Customers like to pick their destinations but always need help or advice along the way,” she said. “From start to finish I’m there to make sure every need is met and then some.”

From booking the tickets to organizing various activities, Gochenour is a one-stop-shop for everything travel related.

“I love what I do, and I think it shows,” she said. “Traveling is much more than just packing a bag. It’s creating lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime. And then some.”

Gochenour said popular rail destinations include a guided two-week cross-country adventure with stops that include Chicago, the Grand Canyon and wine country. Cruises include Alaska and Hawaii. While all-inclusive resorts include Sandals, Disney with the extended family, Viking River cruises and Amawater Ways.

Gochenour said popularity has also risen for international trips that include Ireland, England and Iceland.

“Having a more adventurous mindset helps seniors who want to travel more frequently,” she said. “There’s more to each trip than just enjoying the beautiful scenery. They want to get out, explore what each country has, experience unique cuisine while spending quality time with friends or loved ones.”

Gochenour said most senior citizens like to travel in groups, often coming together to form  travel groups where their wanderlust allows them to explore.

“You’d be surprised, but often senior citizens have more energy and enthusiasms of people far younger than themselves,” she said. “They know how to have fun and really enjoy themselves. And, honestly, that’s really what it’s all about. It’s the fun aspect.”

To learn more about travel, contact Gochenour at http://www.alphavoyagesinc.com.