Go exotic

A slice of a Maradol papaya inside Martin's Foods in Front Royal. Rich Cooley/Daily

The following is a list of exotic fruits that can be found in the produce aisle of area Martin’s Foods stores:

Mango: Sweet, tropical flavor. Use in ice cream, salsa popsicles.

Papaya: Smooth, sweet and melon-like taste. Use in parfaits, salad and chicken.

Starfruit: Ranges from tangy-sweet to lemony-tart flavor. Use in cake, salad and juice.

Dragon fruit: Mildly sweet flavor with texture like a kiwifruit. Use in salads, shakes and salsa.

Kumquats:  Skin is sweet and flesh is tart with a juicy texture. Use whole out of hand, or in salad and marmalade.

Brown coconuts: Water is slightly sweet and flesh is hard with true coconut flavor. Use in Thai brown rice, toasting and beverages.

Ataulfo mangoes: Rich, sweet flavor with a buttery texture. Use in guacamole, salad and toast.

Passionfruit: Flesh is tangy with a sweet-tart, tropical flavor. Use in fruit butter, salsa and salad dressing.

Fuyu persimmon: Similiar flavor to a pear, dates and brown sugar, with hints of cinnamon. Use in muffins, cakes and pies.

Hachiya persimmon: Sweet flavor with hints of cinnamon, raisins and brown sugar. Use inbread, jams and pudding.

Lychee: Juicy, aromatic flesh with a sweet taste. Use as a meat topping, or in jam and salads.

Rambutan: Grape-like flesh with sweet, mild flavor that is slightly acidic. Use in curry, fruit juice and martinis.

Pepino melons: Flavors of cantaloupe and cucumber. Use in salsa, cocktails and poached.

Ugli fruit: Sweet, grapefruit flavor without the bitterness and low acidity. Use insmoothies,  marmalade and salad.

Guava: Flavor is fragrant and tropical with hints of banana, pineapple, papaya and lemon. Use in cake, jam and pie.

Cherimoya: Custard-like flesh is creamy with a flavor combo of papaya, banana and pineapple. Use in pudding, seafood and smoothies.