(Real Estate Tab) Five things your agent must do before listing

WINCHESTER – Nate Crandell, agent with Compass West Realty in Winchester, believes there are five important things every agent must do to streamline the selling process.

Professional Photos

Crandell said professional, high-quality professional images make a huge difference when it comes to selling a home.

“For most buyers, it’s their first impression of your home and should reflect the best light possible,” Crandell said. “Most agents, like myself aren’t professional photographers. And no matter how expensive or high-tech our equipment may be, we can’t achieve or compete really with the quality of trained professional.”

Professional photography is a service provided by most real estate agents. Crandell said that agents have a mere two seconds to grab a buyer’s attention without a photo and 20 seconds with a photo.

“Listings with professional photos also typically receive more online views than listings without,” he said. “Those photos generate into leads, which generate into sales. High-quality images really are so important.”

Professional flyers, postcards and brochures

Crandell is a big fan of supplying interested clients with print marketing. Whether they’re mailed, passed out or available for open houses and showings, professionally designed and laid out print material is very important for the selling process.

“Prices can change based on the market but how your agent represents you should be solid and consistent,” Crandell said.

Color schemes, inappropriate fonts, confusing details and poorly cropped images can deter buyers interest, so Crandall said always using a professional is beneficial in creating the perfect marketing campaign.

“When I met with a potential client I bring with me past marketing material from previous listings that help me stand out among the rest,” he said. “That way when a prospective client sits down with me, they can see how I will market their property for the best return.”

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has taken the real estate world by storm allowing agents the opportunity to reach prospective clients like never before.

“Social media advertising is a vital tool in getting eyes on your listing,” Crandell said. “Because it increases the number of people that your home will reach. While the first person that views it might not be the buyer, their friends and family might be, so they’re more than likely going to share it.”

Popular social media sites include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and most recently, Snapchat.

While many listings are broadcast to sites like Zillow, Trulia and realtor.com, Crandell said taking the time to share a listing on several social media sites will increase traffic flow.

Broker’s Open

Something many buyers and sellers aren’t aware of is the benefits of broker’s opens.

“Broker opens bring buyers,” Crandell said. “While allowing other agents to give valuable insight on how other agents view your listing.”

A broker’s open is an open house for brokers and other agents that allow for them to preview the home before it comes open to the public.

Crandell said while most agents and brokers would rather sell the home through their own office, most buyers are represented by agents from other firms.

“They give valuable feedback that allows us to tweak the home, the price or promote other features of the home they noticed that maybe we missed.”

Open House

Even in today’s busy market, bringing everything full-circle allows the agent to present the home to the public and have an open house.

“After the photographer has taken the photos, the marketing materials have been designed and the brokers open was a success, the open house lets the public know it’s ready for them.”

Open houses allow agents to sell and present the home, showcase its key features, all while answering immediate questions a potential buyer might have.

“Agents who partner with lenders to host an open house are able to easily provide interested individuals details about financing, mortgage costs and programs that fit their various needs,” Crandell said.

Crandell said at the end of the day, while the market continues to change as does the way people do business, more homes are being seen online.

“The way your home is represented is vital to the success of it selling quickly,” he said.