(Real Estate Tab) Transparency remains, while client expectations and demands rise

FRONT ROYAL – Holly Goode, associate broker and agent with Coldwell Banker in Front Royal, has discovered that while real estate continues to place a high priority on transparency, client expectations and demands continue to rise.

“Transparency is the key to any strong relationship,” Goode said. “But in real estate, being transparent is important for many reasons. It establishes expectations, which limits the potential for misunderstandings, it establishes a relationship but most importantly it lets the client know that you truly care.”

Goode is a firm believer in communication frequency. She wants her clients to ask questions upfront, and understands their wants and needs while knowing what they realistically can afford. Prequalification is key. Now more than ever.

“Homebuyers want to feel like they are the only person you’re serving when in reality they’re not,” Goode said. “Communication is tailored to each client differently, but in general I reach out to clients based on where they are in the buying process. Some want to speak multiple times in a day while others only weekly. It really comes down to their buying and selling  needs.”

Goode said she recently noticed a shift with her clients who are millennials. They want instant gratification, can be needy at times but are far more knowledgeable than ever before. They want to nurture and foster what they’ve learned over the years. After all, they’ve never known a world without the world at their fingertips.

“For many of them it’s their first big purchase, so they want to know that they can trust you and that you can provide them with the home they want and expect,” Goode said. “They also want someone who is knowledgeable and can get the answers they need as quickly as possible. After all, most millennials know exactly what they want before they even realize it.”

As for her older clients, Goode said the tables have turned. They’re less needy. Perhaps that’s because they’ve experienced all their firsts. First home, first child and even first marriage. They’re onto the next chapter in their lives. Simple and less complicated.

“It’s funny but I think life experiences can really shape the way you look for a home,” Goode said.

Goode said that transparency is the utmost priority for her clients. Even though at times it can be difficult, she said continuing to educate not only herself but her clients is a big help in today’s market.

“In the real estate process, whether buying or selling a home, trust is a huge foundational component because it’s built through communication,” Goode said. “For a relationship to be success, I think communication is key. And far more beneficial than we ever realized.”