Monday At The Shenandoah County Fair

Lilli Mantz and Charlie Kitner, both of Fort Valley, ride a horse on the carousel at the fair on Monday. Debbie Fadeley/Daily
Clara Hansen, of Middletown, Cece Shaffer, of Winchester, Russ Hansen and Sam Shaffer try out a John Deere on Monday. Debbie Fadely/Daily
The Mowery and Adams families enjoying dinner at the fair: Josh, Adalie, Dougie, Ava, JoAnn, Joey, Sarah, Myla, Elaina and Jenny. Debbie Fadeley/Daily
Sisters Sadie and Emily Copp, of Woodstock, are shown with their sheep, Cherry and Fluffy. Debbie Fadeley/Daily
Reagan Crabill 4, of Woodstock, plays the marble maze. Debbie Fadeley/Daily
Caleb Luptman, of Woodstock, sits with his calf, Baby J. Debbie Fadeley/Daily
Thatcher Wender, 3, of Woodstock, eats that last bit of his chocolate ice cream cone. Debbie Fadeley/Daily
Tyler Forbes, 12, of Woodstock, has fun on the bungy jump. Debbie Fadeley/Daily
Ahmari Jones, 3, of Edinburg, enjoys the Dolphins ride on Monday. Debbie Fadeley/Daily
Gabby Yancey, 4, of Strasburg, paints on the "wall." Debbie Fadeley/Daily
Lillah Carlisle, 5, of Winchester, the granddaughter of Nick Racey and Kelly Sager, rides the swings. Debbie Fadeley/Daily
The Ferris wheel looms over the fair as the sun sets on Monday. Debbie Fadeley/Daily