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Swim diapers put to the test

I had scoured all the stores for the perfect one. I wanted plastic, not inflatable, and not too big and round, and of course, purple wouldn't do. It'd have to be blue.

My son was born on Halloween, leading right into what was one of the worst winters anyone can remember. Until the summer began, he'd spent his entire life either indoors or bundled and swaddled against blasts of cold winter air and feet of snow.

When it got nice enough, we immediately bought a baby swing. When it got more than nice enough -- or just plain hot -- it was time for a kiddie pool.

For his first few dips, I let him go in the buff. He splashed and crawled from one end to the other, and reached out the side to pick blades of grass. He played until his toes were pruney, and it was so nice to allow him to cool off and get some sun.

I knew I was pushing my luck, though, so on the next trip out, I snagged a bag of disposable swim diapers.

"How do they even work?" my husband asked.

Reading from the package, I explained that they aren't supposed to absorb the water from the outside so they don't get that heavy, saggy-baggy look.

We filled up the pool, stripped him down and slipped one on.

I ignored the fact that, despite the diaper being a size Small, it was a little saggy-baggy before we had even tested the water.

Once again, he splashed and chased pool toys, happily enjoying his reprieve from the heat.

I sat along the little pool's plastic edge. Lazily, I enjoyed the weather myself. Gone for now are the snowstorms, cold winds and frost. The trees are full of beautiful green and the best summer produce is ripening on the vine.

What better place to soak in the beauty of summer than in your backyard with your baby?

Nearby, my husband was doing lawn work as we continued to splish and splash.

This is the life, I thought.

Of course, it couldn't last forever.

At about that time, my son's commotion came to a halt and his expression turned serious. I knew that face.

From the looks of things (I have a name for that face), we'd be testing out our little swim diapers right out of the gate.

The problem was that these diapers don't fasten on with Velcro, they slide on like big-boy underwear.

I sat there for what only seemed like a second, trying to figure out how I was going to slide it back off once it has been ... used.

I called for help.

"Oh Daaaddy!"

My husband ran right over and I devised a plan. I'd pick the baby up and he'd pull the diaper off. We could dip him back into the pool for a rinse before dumping the water.

Just when I crouched down and got into the lift position, a little brown cloud floated toward me as my son flashed a grin.

We chalked it up to experience and had a good laugh. You learn to do that.

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