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Neighborhood notes: Front Royal

Front Royal
Library news

Samuels Public Library has acquired the following adult nonfiction:
"A Force For Nature," Adams; "Crave Radiance," Alexander; "The Story Of Brutus," Anderson; "Neurodiversity," Armstrong; "Revitalizing Your Home," Baker; "How To Live, Or, A Life Of Montaigne In One Question And Twenty Attempts At An Answer," Bakewell; "The Music Instinct," Ball; "Ireland," Bartlett; "Debt Free U," Bissonnette; "A Journey," Blair; "Rival Rails," Borneman; "My Nuclear Family," Brownfield; "At Home," Bryson; "Invasion Of The Mind Snatchers," Burns; "Madison And Jefferson," Burstein; "The Gipper," Cavanaugh; "Finders Keepers," Childs; "Washington," Chernow; "The Case Against Fluoride," Connett; "God And Sex," Coogan; "Breakthrough," Cooper; "Mysterious Celtic Mythology In American Folklore," Curran; "The $1,000 Genome," Davies; "Disconnect," Davis; "Almost Christian," Dean; "There Is Power In A Union," Dray; "The Great Movies III," Ebert; "The Chemistry Of Calm," Emmons; "Poisoning The Press," Feldstein; "Hold Me Tight And Tango Me Home," Finn; "The Fiery Trail," Foner; "The Axe And The Oath," Fossier; "Barefoot Contessa," Garten; "Raising Confident Readers," Gentry; "Point, Click, And Save," Gordon; "Gunn's Golden Rules," Gunn; "Common Sense Economics," Gwartney; "American Caesars," Hamilton; "Boxing," Hauser; "The Junior Officers' Reading Club," Hennessey; "Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?," Hirshman; "Third World America," Huffington; "At Home With Madhur Jaffrey," Jaffrey; "The Games That Changed The Game," Jaworski; "Spiritual Envy," Krasny; "The Complete Guide To Bed & Breakfast Inns & Guesthouses In The United States, Canada, & Worldwide," Lanier; "The Last Boy," Leavy; "Why Mahler?," Lebrecht; "At The Water's Edge," Lister-Kaye; "Consciousness Beyond Life," Lommel; "Girls To The Front," Marcus; "Savannah Celebrations," Nesbit; "The Grace Of Silence," Norris; "Merchants Of Doubt," Oreskes; "1939," Overy; "Science 1001," Parsons; "Interstate 95," Perrier; "Interstate 81," Perrier; "Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder," Porr; "The Twilight Of The Bombs," Rhodes; "Extraordinary, Ordinary People," Rice; "The Rice Diet Renewal," Rosati; "Proofiness," Seife; "You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know," Sellers; "Beautiful," Shearer; "Earth (The Book)," Stewart; "More Not So Big Solutions For Your Home," Susanka; "Here," Szymborska; "Read It Before You Eat It," Taub-Dix; "Growing Up Laughing," Thomas; "I'm With Fatty," Ugel; "Down Among The Dead Men," Williams; "Outside Looking In," Wills; "Boozehound," Wilson; "Life After High School," Yellin; and "Has Christianity Failed You?," Zacharias.
More information about the library's holdings is available at www.samuelslibrary.net.

Samuels Public Library has acquired the following books for young readers:
"A Cat Called Kitty," Bowater; "A Dog Called Doug," Bowater; "How To Become A Perfect Princess In Five Days," Dube; "Aggie The Brave," Ries; "Wolf Pie," Seabrooke; "Balancing Act," Walsh; and "The Cow Loves Cookies," Wilson.
More information about the library's holdings is available at www.samuelslibrary.net.

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