Guest Columns

George Bowers Sr.: The skill of a taxidermist

George Bowers Sr.

September 23, 2016

This weekend has been designated Youth and Apprentice Deer Hunting Weekend by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. This is a special day for parents and grandparents to take their youngsters into the woods to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors and to experience the thrill of the hunt. Although my grandson is still too young, I look forward to taking Noah out just as soon as he’s old enough!

George Bowers Sr.: It’s that time of year

George Bowers Sr.

September 16, 2016

As I write this column, the mercury in my thermometer is more petite than it’s been the last several weeks and for this I am very grateful. Although we will still have some warm days, their numbers are getting fewer. I have enjoyed the summertime, but I’m always anxious for fall to arrive and I look forward to spending some time in the woods.

George Bowers Sr.: Abs of steel, necks of iron

George Bowers Sr.

September 9, 2016

How enjoyable it was to watch the Summer Olympic Games as athletes from all over the globe competed for top honors in hundreds of different categories. Of course the convincing success of American competitors helped to make it even more exciting for me, but the sheer force of human will to rise above obstacles and perform at the peak of one’s ability is always inspiring, no matter the nationality.

Bonner Day: Harness racing is not for everyone

Bonner Day

September 2, 2016

Wednesday was opening day for harness racing in Woodstock, and I was there with the wife. Though the day was hot, the shade of the grandstands was comfortable and filled.

Jason F. Wright: Glimpsing heaven, and choosing to live

Jason Wright

September 2, 2016

Miki Ogao lies on the table for yet another outpatient medical procedure. Doctors are performing a Swan-Ganz catheterization to check the health of her finicky heart. She feels nothing, but she’s wide awake. She hears the doctors and nurses discussing the procedure and marveling at their quirky patient’s upbeat mood.

James Pinsky: Critters don’t litter

James Pinsky

August 25, 2016

Think a deer is cute? You wouldn’t if it tossed an empty bag of potato chips and a cigarette butt on your lawn every time it strolled by your house.

George Bowers Sr.: Shake the branches

George Bowers Sr.

August 19, 2016

Instead of rice, imagine pelting newlyweds with almonds as they leave for their honeymoon. Although it would be expensive and perhaps dangerous today, that’s what the Romans tossed 2,000 ago as a fertility blessing. While I’m not sure of the quantity of nuts thrown, I hope hard hats were acceptable wedding attire.