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Facebook readers weigh in on movies

Wondering which movies are worth your time and which ones to skip? Daily readers recently responded to movie review requests at Facebook/nvdaily. Here's what they had to say (reviews are unedited):

"The Big Wedding"

Karen Weimer: We really enjoyed "the big wedding" yesterday, my husband begrudgingly went and he liked it best, it was funny, sarcastic & lighthearted.

"Iron Man 3"

John Rizzo III: Iron Man 3 sees the return of Robert Downey Jr. in the title role and a new director at the helm. The question on everyone's mind is... is it any good? Yes. In short, Iron Man 3 is a fantastic summer blockbuster that benefits from strong performances by everyone, especially Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin, a new director, well written and funny dialogue, and adrenaline inducing action sequences. Iron Man 3 is just as good as the original film, and even features a few surprises, but the more personal story will leave some viewers cold, as the action in this film is somewhat sparse. Final Rating: 8.5/10

"The Great Gatsby"

Marilyn Jenkins Coffron: Horrible....bad acting, bad directing and bad music! It followed the book pretty closely....but the use of JayZ and hip hop in a 1920s setting was ridiculous. I want the visual (which was over the top) and audio to transport me back to the era - isn't that the purpose of a movie? Terribly disappointed.....for once the critics were right!

Judith Wilcox Baker: I thought it was good. Started out a little slow but then picked up.

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