Welcome home the newlyweds

By Moazama Rafiqzad — Daily Correspondent

Newlyweds, be aware! How comfortable are you handing your house keys to the trusted friend who will take care of everything while you are away enjoying your honeymoon?

Are you prepared to come home to a prank they may have in store for you? How would you feel if you came home and found all of your canned foods stripped of their labels, or shaving cream on your pillows?

True, the pranks are harmless and funny, but in the end, it is an inconvenience to the couple. An alternative is to do something nice.

Calling all bridesmaids and groomsmen. Join forces and come up with an idea that will help the couple come home to more romance. Help them take their first steps in to their new life with love and without a fight about whose friend pulled a prank.

Alternatives to pranks:

  • Prepare a candlelight dinner at home, put together by friends or family members — this beats what the couple will find at a fast-food joint on the way back from the airport.
  • Clean and organize their home, and leave vases of flowers.
  • For crafty friends, thread flowers and hang the strands on the walls like you would streamers.
  • Leave his and hers gift-baskets in their bedroom. Friends can gather and share the cost of a specially ordered gift basket or make the gift basket themselves by putting personalized items in it.
  • Perhaps a surprise welcome home party with all of their loved ones surrounding them would be just the transition they need.