Reuse old books with these craft projects

By Ryan Cornell

For literary-minded hoarders, the struggle is all too real.

When the endless supply of books fill up bookshelves and bookcases and soon spill out onto the nightstand and into the living room, there’s seemingly no place to put them all.

But there just might be a way to save them from the trash can. Vicki Buswell of PVL Design Associates in Winchester has some functional and decorative ideas for bibliophiles to recycle their old books.

Light reading
While reading is certainly enlightening, a stack of carefully chosen books can lighten up a room as well.

Buswell said people can turn their love of reading into decor by creating a lamp stand out of books.

“Use either your favorite books,” she said, “or if you still prefer to thumb through them on occasion, any used books will do.”

More committed crafters can create a permanent piece of furniture by drilling through a stack of books and screwing a table lamp on top.

Buswell suggested using inexpensive books found at any of the area libraries’ used book sales.

Secret stash
Books can also make a great place to store secret items.

“Just hollow out a book and use it to hide anything you want to conceal,” Buswell said.

By using a box cutter and some glue, people can turn an old hardcover gathering dust in the corner into a clever and useful book safe.

Tie the room together
Readers can wrap their books in gift wrap or decorative colored paper that coordinates with the decor of a room to help reinforce its color palette, Buswell said.

Or if that’s too much work, she added, just group books on shelves by the color of their spines.