Leftovers worth lunching on

NEW MARKET — Thanksgiving is just the beginning of meals centered around turkey.

A tradition as old as the pilgrims themselves, the annual leftover season can be a test of wills, or it can be a chance to test out those creative chops.

Jeremy Greer, chef at the Shenvalee Golf Resort in New Market, has some ideas for cooks on using those Tupperwared turkeys.

Turkey noodle soup
Greer said people can add pieces of their leftover turkey to a soup made from chicken base or stock, water, celery, noodles and salt and pepper seasoning to achieve a delicious “turkish” version of the traditional chicken noodle.

“If you try to heat up [turkey] and heat it up again, it’s just going to dry out,” he said, “so putting it in soups is the best way to utilize it.”

Turkey salad
It’s just like any basic chicken salad, but with a bird of a different feather.

Greer said people can use onions, celery and spices to add flavor, and can spread it on sandwiches or enjoy it by itself.

Poor man’s pie
One meal the resort chef enjoys making with his own leftovers is a type of shepherd’s pie that also uses up some Thanksgiving sides.

Greer said people can layer their pans with mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, green beans and corn and top it off with cornbread mix to make a “poor man’s pie.”

He suggested that people bake it in the oven at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 45 minutes to get it hot in the middle.

“Because it’s already seasoned and everything, it’s just heating it back up,” he said, “and you got your whole meal right there.”

The Shenvalee Golf Resort, located at 9660 Fairway Drive in New Market, has leftovers of its own. The restaurant served about 200 customers for its Thanksgiving buffet on Thursday.

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