Community Note: Screenwriting competition

Screenwriting competition
Monday is the deadline to enter the Virginia screenwriting competition sponsored by the Virginia Film Office.

Only Virginia residents or students currently enrolled in Virginia schools may submit screenplays.

Each script must:

• Contain either Virginia locations or locations that could reasonably be expected to be found in Virginia;

• 90-120 pages for feature films or;

• 60-90 pages for one-hour television pilots;

• Typed and submitted in a standard screenplay format with pages numbered;

• Cover page must have only the title;

• Saved in a non-editable format such as a PDF with the title of the PDF the same as the screenplay;

• Submitted electronically.

All screenplays must be e-mailed to screenplay@virginia.org no later than midnight on May 25.
The competition is one of the few in the nation requiring no entrance fee. All entries receive a written evaluation from the first-round judges.

Well-known past winners include Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, who won in 1989 for his screenplay “Home Fries” and Megan Holley, who won in 2003 for her screenplay “Sunshine Cleaning.”