College News: Virginia Tech

College news

The following Virginia Tech students, along with their hometown, class year and major, were named to the dean’s list for the spring semester:

Clear Brook:

• Troy J. Bergin, senior, general engineering.

Cross Junction:

• Trey J. Bloomfield, junior, political science.

• Tyler P. Dick, senior, mechanical engineering.

• Kayleigh C. Green, freshman, professional and technical writing.

Star Tannery:

• Paul J. Benedetto, senior, mechanical engineering.
Stephens City:

• Brady W. Cook, junior, sociology.

• Kyle R. Haney, junior, mechanical engineering.

• Benjamen C. Hatton, junior, biological sciences.

• Samantha B. Herrell, sophomore, human development.

• Logan A. Howard, junior, environmental science.

• Kasey M. Johnson, junior, computer science.

• Marilyn M. Labadie, senior, international studies.

• Megan E. Lorey, junior, mechanical engineering.

• Ye-Won Rhee, junior, biochemistry.

• Kelly A. Schrader, senior, fine arts.

• Katie J. Schroeder, senior, wildlife conservation.

• Megan E. Sirbaugh, senior, meteorology.

• Rei A. Sturm, senior, chemistry.

• Sarah T. Wadkins, senior, management.

• Alyssa L. Williford, junior, marketing management.

• Catherine L. Fravel, senior, history.


• Luke T. Farinholt, sophomore, general engineering.

• Mitchell G. Sherman, junior, history.

• Kaitlin A. Carter, senior, human development.

• Mark D. Colson, junior, finance.

• Tess E. Pangle, senior, animal and poultry sciences.

• Brittany A. Polk, junior, human development.

 Toms Brook:

• Jonell M. Cooper, sophomore, art.


• Megan S. Burch, junior, human development.

• Ambrosia Church, junior, agricultural science.

• Jonathan R. Neri, junior, political science.

• Elizabeth F. Price, junior, agribusiness.

• Kathryn M. Ritenour, junior, animal and poultry sciences.

• Katherine M. Roulston, senior, fashion merchandising and design.

• Rebecca G. Truban, freshman, university studies.

• Stephen T. Truban, junior, economics.

• Brian M. Walsh, sophomore, agribusiness.


• Zachary M. Corona, junior, biological sciences.

• Jonathan A. Feaster, freshman, biochemistry.

• Bryan M. Liskey, senior, crop and soil sciences.

• Mikayla E. Viar, sophomore, human development.


Mount Jackson:

• Whitney L. Bowman, junior, animal and poultry sciences.

• Dylan E. Dawson, senior, agricultural science.


New Market:

• Jessie A. Kull, senior, animal and poultry sciences.

• Patrick F. McCampbell, senior, packaging systems and design.



• Zachary T. Hensley, freshman, general engineering.


Front Royal:

• Cameron A. Taylor, senior, marketing management.

• Sarah L. Burroughs, junior, psychology.

• Ashley t. Horan, senior, management.

• William t. Maddox, senior, building construction.

• Amber L. Munger, junior, hospitality and tourism management.

• Andrew T. Peterson, senior, architecture.

• Amanda N. Rettberg, junior, political science.

• Alba Y. Rivera, junior, statistics.

• Amanda B. Robinson, sophomore, fine arts.

• Seth S. Teachout, sophomore, sociology.

• Megan A. Tederick, senior, marketing management.



• Amy R. Buracker, senior, accounting and information systems.

• Lindsey P. Morrison, sophomore, meteorology.



• Kenneth W. Mathews, senior, agricultural science.



Shane R. L’Amoreaux, freshman, general business information technology.