County announces road project completion

Warren County hit another milestone in its effort to improve roads in the Shenandoah Farms subdivision.

Officials announced on Tuesday the completion of the next two phases of upgrades to Old Oak Lane. The rural addition projects total 0.43 mile. Old Oak Lane serves as a major access point for residents in the northern part of the subdivision. The two phases ranked as the top priorities in the Shenandoah Farms Sanitary District’s Capital Improvement Plan that outlines road and drainage needs for the neighborhood.

The project called for the contractor to upgrade the gravel road to a 20-foot-wide paved surface with 2-foot to 5-foot shoulders. The contractor replaced culverts and private entrance pipes, constructed side ditches where necessary to improve drainage and installed safety signs.

The Property Owners Association Board reviews the plan annually. The Board of Supervisors approved the plan this spring that includes the cost-sharing initiatives constructed jointly with the Virginia Department of Transportation and other projects handled solely by the county.

The Old Oak Lane work represents the seventh and eighth projects developed by the county through VDOT’s Rural Addition program since taking on the administration of the district’s road system in 2010. The program allows the county to upgrade private streets to state standards at which point VDOT takes the routes into their secondary road system for maintenance.

General Excavation Inc., of Warrenton, and Carroll Construction Company Inc., of Winchester, completed the projects on time and well within budget, Deputy County Administrator Robert Childress said. The contractor began work in early June and completed the project in late August. Funding estimates totaled $920,500. The contractor completed the work for approximately $300,000, though all billing has not been processed, Childress said.

The official attributed the significantly lower cost to a lower amount of rock than originally anticipated and the final design did not require the contractor to perform in-stream work along Venus Branch Run.

The sanitary district will cover approximately $75,000 of the total cost, Childress said.

Planning has started for the next phase of Old Oak Lane from Venus Branch Road to Old Oregon Road. The county is expected to apply for funding through the cost-sharing program next fall.

Other district projects in the design phase for construction and paving next summer include Pine Ridge Road from Mountain Lake Drive to Copenhaver Road; Drummer Hill Road from Mountain Lake to approximately 0.28 miles east; and Fellows Drive from Flynn Drive to Farms River Road.