Officers display ribbons to support domestic violence awareness

The Front Royal Police Department and the Warren County Sheriff’s Office are displaying purple ribbons  to support domestic violence awareness this month.

The Phoenix Project, an advocacy group for victims of domestic violence, has partnered with Warren County law enforcement to observe Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Tammy Sharpe, executive director of Phoenix Project in Front Royal, said, “Law enforcement officers are on the front lines. They are the first to receive and respond to a domestic violence incident.”

Captain Mike Arnold, of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, said deputies will be displaying the ribbons on their cruisers.

“The ribbons are small purple ribbons that will be attached to an antenna,” he said.

Throughout the year, officers help victims of domestic violence get help in many ways.

“The Sheriff’s Office provides information to victims about programs that may offer help to them and the Phoenix Project is one of those programs,” Arnold said.

Sharpe said the Phoenix Project receives between 30-40 calls per month related to domestic violence. The caller is either the victim, a family member or friend of the victim. These callers are sometimes in need of immediate help, other times they are looking for information or counseling.

“Since opening our doors on May 1, 2014, Phoenix Project has served 276 victims of domestic violence,” Sharpe said.

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